The Unstruck: The Heart of the Matter, Anahata

Updated: Jan 4

Love and Sincerity

Rhythm, harmony, integration,

Although the root is our safety, heart is our peace.

Anahata in sanskrit means “unstruck” or “unbeaten”. On first reading, I liked the association. I took it as victorious! But the true meaning refers to the sound of an unstruck INSTRUMENT. The potential for VIBRATION.

The heart is truly our core. It shrinks or expands based how we are feeling.

Have you ever had grief or sadness so heavy it caused your chest to cinch up? Or a betrayal that stung so badly it you grabbed you by your chest and took your breath away?

The expression “died of a broken heart is very real. Anxiety and fear can cause intense physical pain that mimics the breathlessness and pain of a heart attack. It is not uncommon for an elderly to follow their partner in death just shortly after their passing. Feelings are POWERFUL.

When emotion expands past the point of containment, we close it down and cinch it tight and lock it down, terrified to lose control. We become overwhelmed with it and our trauma response is to shut it down, shut it all down. This causes apathy and disconnect, the silent killer.

When we have a soul injury or a heart break, we shut off access by engaging the brain. We stop feeling our way through a situation and think of every possible scenario before moving forward. We become overly critical, blame self and others and take on a victim mentality. We feel like we have lost our Personal power and seek to prevent further injury. We hold this at a high standard as if “not catching feelings” was something to be proud of. In this way we isolate ourselves and call it protection. The only way out is through because eventually we find we need each other on a primitive, primal level and these feelings can quickly turn in to depression with hopelessness and fear. Ultimately we will call it abandonment.

This is a slippery slope. In one breath we are feeling strong and protected, yet the isolation leaves desolation and loneliness in its wake. We can have a hard time feeling empathy for others or any feeling at all.

This goes for childhood trauma as well. If left unexpressed our heart has a difficult time expanding. We have a deep seated sense of distrust and triggers we cant find the source of. Enter Shadow Work. Whether that takes the form of therapy, coaching, plant medicine, reiki, energy work, or meditation, looking back fuels how we move forward.

The secret here, is that the heart chakra opens, fortifies and activates ALL the others. Although third eye is most people’s goal, the heart is where the magic is at.

This expansion comes in the element of love when we begin to trust (firmly rooted).

In the heart chakra we also discover forgiveness. And Non attachment.

The expansion of the heart chakra touches those around us thus feeding the heart chakra entire. The heart grows, our aura expands, we begin to heal. Once we have begun to heal ourselves, that vibration makes an imprint on the planet, we shine and inspire and we give hope to the souls around us.

Rooting more firmly those expressions of love enhances the root chakra by making us feel safe...also the Solar Plexus. Causing a firmer FOUNDATION.

This is the beginning of transmutation by the way. This first loop between heart and root then transmutes upward beyond this center stage...

The throat as well will blossom as we begin to speak our truth (sacral and solar plexus) opens the third eye.

It is no wonder that no matter the status of a soul and its current energy centers begin with activations of the heart (a trauma opens us in grief, a lover our heart to joy)...we can expand from here in so many ways.

That is why EQ is so important. (Next post...LOL)

We know the ways we can have a heart chakra blockage but what ways can we strengthen it and give it a space to blossom, because it does open slowly, almost imperceptibly.

Ho'oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of correction and reconciliation, however this is the reconciliation of the SELF. Four simple phrases that you recite to yourself with tapping can have a profound effect on energy movement.

“I’m Sorry!” - This is your opportunity to look at your perceived failings. Acknowledge that you did what you could with what you had. Allow space for mistakes, or most especially, for your GOOD INTENTIONS. We err on the side of love and expect more from people. Make a heartfelt apology. Put all youve got into it. Mean it, honor it. Repent. To your SELF and make a vow to do better and put yourself first. Make a commitment to use discernment next time or to allow for more time for things toevolve rather than rush them.

“Forgive me!” Ask yourself for the forgiveness you need. It begins here. If you look closely enough at anger and resentment you realize the person you are angry at is your SELF. Angry for getting yourself hurt, for not seeing the signs, for being “stupid”. You’re not stupid, youre HUMAN!

“I love you!” - oooooh are you brave? It seems the others are harder but this is the one that is crunchy. Have you said these words to your SELF? This is the beginning of self love and positive self talk. Do you love YOU! If you do not, say it anyway. Because you do. If you can’t, then it is a strong indicator you have very few boundaries and self care is lacking. This also is not a failure. If you find a struggle here, make another vow to do better.

“Thank you!” Thank yourself for the lesson. Thank yourself for the AWARENESS. Come from gratitude that you are allowing yourself space to work through these feelings. Therein lies strength also POWER.

The best advantage to Ho’oponopono is the quantum level at which it moves energy. Once you begin to use it more often, emotions rise to the surface and you can see the scenario. You can tap your chest and say the word and you can feel it dissipate. The practice creates a pathway in the brain and in the energy center that facilitates the speed at which it works.

Use your words. Express love as often as possible. Get comfortable with saying the words I love you. Be lovING. Give the gift of grace at every opportunity.

Forgiveness is also incredibly effective.

Healing takes time. Allow yourself ample time to move through the phases. Expansion starts with self love. Saying no is a powerful way to give yourself space. We often tend to overcommit that breeds resentment. We show it outwardly to others however it is truly ourselves we are disgruntled with, because we are not rested, fed or loved as we are giving those things away first. You cannot serve from an empty cup. Fill your cup!

Bathe. Aura baths are a fabulous way to release. Water washes away and leaves us feeling revived. Think of it as a baptism. Aura baths are a beautiful practice of self love. You can grab any items from your kitchen. If you want to “spice” up your life use cinnamon. To soothe, use honey and milk (best EVER and the softest skin, thank me later. Use heavy cream!). To improve mental state use lemon or orange slices. It truly is fun and magical. Get creative! Use salt! Salt is the great neutralizer. It not only helps to detach us from anything influencing our thoughts but it energetically cleanses. Use it often!

Positive affirmations and mantras help. Reduce negative self talk. Do not allow yourself to slip into patterns of negative dialog. Reframing your “I am’s” is one of the most powerful things you can do for your psyche. What you say you are you ARE!

A simple example of a reframe:


“Honey I’m home. I’m tired and had a long hard day and I am EXHAUSTED!”

Are all of these things true? Do you feel them? Yes. Reframing does nothing to change the past but it can reframe how we feel about the next moments.


“Honey, I’m Home! I am so happy to be home so I can rest and finally spend time with...after a long day”

In this way we do not own the exhaustion. We honor the work we did and the fatigue that is present by acknowledging that we are about to rest. We had a long challenging day. Now that it is behind us we don’t take it in to our next moments.

The focus here is what do you want your next moments to look like?

Reframe your I ams into more loving language and just watch how different you experience life.

Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound (the sound of the celestial realm). Anahata is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity.

Anahata, Translation: “unhurt”, “unstruck”, “unbeaten” "sound produced without touching two parts" and at the same time it means "pure" or "clean, stainless"

Name: Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Sanskrit: Anahata, Translation: “unhurt”, “unstruck”, “unbeaten” "sound produced without touching two parts" and at the same time it means "pure" or "clean, stainless"

Symbol: lotus flower with 12 petals, intersection of two triangles

Position: center of the spine at the heart level

Mantra: YAM

Note: D

Sound: Eu-You

Frequency: 594

Statement: I love

Crystal: Rose quartz, emerald, green aventurine, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Jade, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Prenhite, Chrysoprase, Emerald

Love and Sincerity