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The Spark! Sacral Chakra: Svadhisthana, the Dwelling Place of the Self

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The Sacral chakra is responsible for sensuality and enjoyment, the pleasure and joy of life. It is the womb of life, the spark of creation, the passion for living, the gentle and the new, the vulnerable and tender.

It is no coincidence that emotional damage, mental traumas and past injury harbor themselves in the physical body as shame, guilt, frustration, fear, anger...the emotions most injured by injuries regarding sexual trauma and identity.

This is the juncture of the Kundalini flow! This like the heart chakra is a balancing center. Much work is done here with the Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine, Kundalini, generational healing (both forward and back), identity and intimacy.

More so than whether we feel “fed” and fundamentally safe in the Root Chakra, here we find ourselves VULNERABLE. Everything about working with this energy makes us feel exposed one way or another whether we have an audience or not. It takes a lot of self confidence and bravery to tackle issues arising from here.

Compulsive behavior, especially sexual overdrive are hallmarks of blocked sacral centers.

So also is being overly emotional. This is a complete lack of understanding of our sexual functions as a spiritual entity. Our sex life has a LIFE. It is integral to our wholeness and being. We deny these expressions and exploration turns into this deviancy and obsession. It is no longer wholesome to the entirety of the being and it is consumed rather than embodied. Overindulgence in sexual fantasy can become obsession in some cases.

Modern culture has taught us to “not catch feelings” which is the greatest urban myth ever spoken. Feelings are ALWAYS involved when sex is involved. It is the most ridiculous thing to me to try and sell it otherwise. All kinds of feelings are present and it is high time we spoke to it. . I’d rather the phrase be something like “don’t get possessive or controlling”.

I am a proponent of liberty and expression, and you won’t hear me tell you in which dynamics it is appropriate to express it. We will leave the sex talks to another time, just be aware in your meditative practice how the subject of sex and pleasure comes up to you. Exploring the emotional roots of this chakra allows you to build a stronger tree. Strong roots, shadow work in sexuality and childhood trauma, bring strong branches. Confidence is born here, being comfortable in your own skin.

Risky behavior, hunger for attention and sexual satisfaction is an appetite here that can point to deficits in the sacral chakra. Sex is fun and exciting! It absolutely heals the body. Yet injudicious practices can layer self imposed shame over past programs of self worth laid by past experience. This is especially true for those of us who experienced sexual abuse at an early age. We aren’t even aware of how we are wired until much later in life.

This in turn can become codependency. We are so symbiotic towards our partner that the reflection and behavior of this fish bowl of living becomes a microcosm in which we become trapped.

Uncertainty and inability to cope are signs of lack of emotional IQ or EQ. These obsessive behaviors, meltdowns and freakouts start here. Depression,Jealousy, insecurity, lack of sex drive and obsession are all parts in this play.

The vulnerability in which we are injured here makes it so the scars run deep.

The activation of the sacral chakra takes a gentle touch. Love is required.

Though the most rewarding and worthy shadow work begins here, We don’t have to begin to play with this energy by diving in to the pain or to doing shadow work right out the gate. Initially we have mechanisms in place that allow a gentle renewal and subtle energies are at play.

If you aren’t ready for the deeper work (self exploration, therapy, energy clearing, kundalini and shakti/shiva witha partner for example), it is beneficial to simply honor it. Give gratitude for the lessons and the layers of understanding to be had. This is the place of duality and balance, of intensity and grace combined. This is the place where self meets other self and finds its most intimate expression.

Orgasm, mostly, activates this center. This can occur in a safe and trusting environment with a partner or it can occur with self exploration. Shame and guilt keep us from both.

Positive affirmations of beauty and perfection are helpful here. You ARE perfect, just as you are. WHOLLY as you are.

Don’t be afraid of a little decadence and self care to the body. This one is where you take care of yourself. This is the image you bring home and embody. If you have stepped out of habits of self care, this is where you reinstate good habits. If that means an extra hour of sleep, privacy with a book, long baths or taking yourself out to dinner or an activity, then that’s what you do.

Open body position, whether in yoga or sitting in your bathtub. Uncross those legs, shaman pose or squats, goddess pose to the sky arms outstretched feed planted firmly.

I remember lacking in self care when we were first quarantined. I made a commitment to get dressed, makeup and all, every day. It helped me feel as if I was experiencing the world prepared rather than exposed, like literally in my pajamas.

Confidence is bred here as well. Exploring the self, and self confidence. Rise Phoenix! This is the veritas ganas, the fire in the belly. This is also where, later, you find your passions to rise for things that are aligned with your purpose. There is so much more to this than I can even say. It is worthy to begin.

Name: Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Sanskrit: Svadhisthana, the dwelling place of the self

Symbol: Six petaled lotus flower

Position: Pubic bone below the navel

Mantra: VAM

Note: B

Sound: Ee-me

Frequency: 480

Statement: I feel

Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian, Amber, Tigers Eye, Orange Calcite, Argonite, Goldstone,

Sensuality and Pleasure

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