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The Root of the Matter - Muladhara

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Root Chakra.

Energy and Stability

It’s color is Red. This is the vibrant color of blood, DNA, physicality. . It represents our physical foundation and is responsible for the feelings of security or safety. This is what it means to be grounded. This chakra is said to be associated with survival and natural function. It literally IS our physical body. If you remember your school days, we could equate this to Pavlovs Heirarchy of Needs. We cannot progress toward higher living if basic needs aren’t being met. This includes emotional needs.

Too often the stresses of our society and unnecessary worry we put on ourselves creates a disconnected sense of fear and impending doom. We have a very transient way of living in modern society. SOme of us tend to move often, don’t own property, have loose family ties, if any, and rarely do we stay put for very long. Strong ancestral ties help with grounding. We have lost the culture of tribe, yet we have access to it. Through meditation and accessing the Akashic records, and also through direct communication with ancestors, this link can be repaired.

Anxiety, depression, restlessness and insomnia are all indicators that we feel the FIGHT or FLIGHT in our system way too often so that the pendulum weighs heavily on one side.

Grounding is a primary technique. We use these foundations to bring us back to center. Often just sitting with breath centers us. It is a reminder that the simple things often do the trick, but we must DO them for them to work. Patterns over patterns.

When the root chakra is in alignment and open, we feel secure and calm. This is a giving place, an expansive and creative place. We feel more in tune with the cycles and the planet and also in tune with those around us.

This chakra also represents the pillars of life. A reminder of time. It can be broken into, or thought of as such:

Time , body, mind, soul

Birth, growth, reproduction, death

Generation, sexuality, rebirth, Physical identity

It must be noted that though there is no “activation” per se of the root chakra as there is to others, it can most definitely be “blocked” from past trauma or survivalist fear. The modern day era has no real concept of fear (true and present danger) yet it is proliferate with fearful things, being a cerebral society. We RUN on adrenaline (pun intended).

Some basic techniques to improve grounding is to create a safe space. This causes us to look outward into our environment and it’s influences.

The simplest most effective technique, if you are humble enough to try it, is to shut off your electronics periodically. If not, then do it at least once. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes to shut off your wifi, tablets, tv, radio, etc. Let them all wind down energetically and sit in meditation. Seek the silence.

The notice here, is to become aware of how hyper-vigilant we are to listening to those notifications, subtle vibrations or absence thereof. What does the silence show you? Are you MORE anxious? Not knowing what you’re missing? Do you feel DIS connected and where? Or do you feel more at peace in this moment?

The goal here is not to deprive one of the electronics or devices. The goal is perception. Bring your awareness to your very symbiotic relationship with them and make some decisions. Give yourself the gift of true silence, if not often, then at least once.

Need for dominance / control is rampant in modern society. We can see it visibly in verbal abuse and political, religious, sexual, cultural divides. If we feel LACK of control, we seek to control. This is an incredible viewpoint from the side of the practitioner. The essence of what you resist persists. It is a simple dilineator to see whether someone’s “come from” is love vs control.

We can get into a list of the things that represent a blockage, however, let’s leave that for another class. Removing blockages is advanced in such a way that mastering this concept first will serve you.

The conversation around surrender is a pivotal meditation point. The FEAR of surrender allows us to look at what we are attached to.

Some processes that can help in strengthening the root chakra:

Get your feet in the dirt or grass. Shoes off! The concrete slab doesn’t breathe and the constant buzz of being surrounded by plumbing and wiring exacerbate feelings of anxiety.

In absence of access to the outdoors, whether that be time, place or obligation, a tub or shower help tremendously.

Although food is not a habit we should encourage for soothing the moods, but why not make ritualistic and intentional what you DO eat? Comfort foods are called that for a reason. Food comforts us and is sometimes the way in which we express love. This is where you allow yourself to enjoy your cheat day/

Take up a yoga practice or renew a physical activity you enjoy. Running or exercise that allows the energy to flow outward and revitalize.

Remember, the deeper the roots the taller the tree!

Name: Root Chakra

Color: RED

Sanskrit: Muladhara

Symbol: Lotus with 4 petals

Position: Base of the spine/ tailbone


Mantra: LAM

Note: A

Sound: Ay

Frequency: 432


Statement: I am

Crystals: red jasper,hematite, Obsidian, black tourmaline, Garnet, bloodstone, smoky quartz, carnelian, tigers eye, ruby

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