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The Resplendant Gem, Solar Plexus: Manipura

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Manipura is sanskrit translated as the city of gems or the resplendent gem. This is the seat of self, located in the navel. Veritas ganas! The fire in the belly. It’s color is yellow but it is associated with fire. Think of those times you’ve gotten “fired” up or your beliefs were challenged. Where do you feel it? Where do you get those gut feelings from? The ones you can’t shake that you just KNOW. This is where “gut feeling” comes from.

This is also the outward expression of ourselves and how we meet the world. In that meeting, the world meets us. This is what we DO, how we do it and sometimes our ego. Ego is often labeled as the thing we must conquer in order to ascend. Ego is a tricky word. It is used as the scapegoat for almost any unsoavory or selfish behavior yet, Ego is the I am.

“Ego ergo est”, I am, therefore I am.” This is some quantum level understanding to sit with. This is one of the beautiful paradoxes in spirituality.

The solar plexus is called the city of gems because it is truly the most precious of gems to have found and fallen in love with yourself.

It is no wonder this chakra deals with transformation. What is a Phoenix without fire?

The solar plexus has to do with how we shine! It is our sun and our center. This is where we express our control or lack thereof. Low self esteem, uncertainty, weak will or insecurity, hesitancy, FEAR of the future… these embody the blockage of the solar plexus.

Control measures and how we allow or disallow others to have control, our relationship with surrender and boundaries, our beingness and the things we identify with are here. When we find ourselves in comparison, one versus the other, good /bad, more than / less than, we find ourselves in a place of competition. It is a moving goal post which achievements will feel empty without our why. It is a superficial reflection. We can see solar plexus blockages in behaviors that show this mode of evaluating the self. It helps us to know when we experience people who always want to be right or find that quality in ourself. Because what does it really challenge when we are wrong? OUR ENTIRE REALITY!! The one we have structured in our limited understanding. We fight to protect it becausei t somehow translates into a challenge of self.

Blockage of this chakra gives us an insight to our culture of power hungry, competitive, overly aggressive and controlling, self centered conceit that is narcissistic beyond repair in some instances. Even more terrifying is the level of apathy that internet culture has fostered. Bullying and verbal abuse is common and rarely does anyone do anything other than turn the cheek. Not to be passive but to ignore. Because it is too painful to look at this rotted tooth. Too big to dive in to. So we resist, and what we resist persists. We cannot beat control with control, it must be tempered with love.

The love of the self. This is why we say the lower chakras can activate or be healed by the higher ones. It only takes love.

But why is it called the the resplendent gem when it is all about the self? Think of it as your sparkle, our one unique crystalline expression that is you. Your laughter, particular sense of humor, the color of your eyes, your shyness or bravery….these are the qualities of personality that make this part sparkle.

Acceptance is key here. It will take self forgiveness and love to get there. Ho’oponopono practice of expressing these 4 phrases (not necessarily in this order):

“Im sorry.” - Say it with your chest. Say it with all the might and sincerity of the apology that you had wished youd gotten. SAY IT! I FKD UP!! And I know it!! I am aware...I am soooooo sorry! I didn’t realize; i put someone before you; I wasn't giving you enough attention; I am here

“Please forgive me” - If you cannot forgive yourself, how can you ever find a kernel of it to give away? Recognize the moment of weakness and honor it. GIVE the forgiveness. Allow the sincerity to sink like warmth. This one is so simple. Say yes.

“Thank you.” - Thank you for the lesson. For your patience, for your love, for understanding. Thank you for allowing me to heal, to love, to be better, find do BE more

“I love you.” - Have you ever said it? To your SELF? If you have not this will be your undoing. You talk to that higher self with all the tenderness you can muster and imagine that healing never ending hug. I got you. I love you and I am grateful for YOU.

I can think of no other more powerful practice in self acceptance. Be tender and oh so gentle.

The healing grid on this planet begins with this. This exact practice. Writing that grid one good time within the breadth of this 3d experience, changes it. This is quantum entanglement on a spiritual level. If this is all you do, it will be the most important thing you do. It changes you, changes the planet.

Name: The Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Sanskrit: Manipura, translation: “the city of gems”, “The resplendent Gem, “

Symbol: 10 petal yellow with downward triangle

Position: The navel

Mantra: RAM

Note: C

Sound: Uh-cup

Frequency: 528

Statement: I do

Crystals: Citrine, Sunstone, Yellow Tourmaline, Lemon Quartz, Pyrite, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Aventurine

Strength and determination, personal power

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