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The Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

The CROWN!! God Head, Divinity!

This is the chakra that embodies transformation. It is responsible for focus, concentration as well as wisdom. It is here we find wisdom and discernment, spiritual perception and enlightenment.

focus and concentration, wisdom, clarity, clairvoyance, discernment, and spiritual perception, enlightenment

This is known as the bridge to the cosmos and is our connection to the divinity. This is our place of godhood and where the most holy of energy and attainment reside. Our crown is the regulator of the soul. This is where we find the ultraviolet light and messages from God.

Spiritual connection and transformation. This is the place in which you connect to deity, the divine.

It is responsible for your divine connection and is where you find expansive energy and peace.

I've always said people aren't seeking religion they're seeking connection and I feel crown Chakra encourages us to connect with the divine and then in turn connect with others.Come from gratitude and make yourself a litany of things you're grateful for. Run them through your head and when you run out...begin again. As many times as you need to.

It is your duty and your duty alone to school your mind of any negativity and what you fill it with.

It takes focus and diligence but it WORKS

I had severe insomnia for many many years. I remember sleeping only maybe 2 to 3 hours a night. I would lay in bed half in tears, night after night, with my mind running away with scenario after scenario until in exasperation one I sobbed with it.

Begged it to stop.

It didn't.

I finally decided to drown it out.

I thought of every positive adjective I could imagine until I my mind went quiet. I couldn't think of any more.

I did I ams until I ran out of words whether I thought it applied to me or not. Every beautiful adjective I could think of.

The next night I did it on purpose. It was no easier the second time around but the third nite...

That's where the magic happened.

I laid down and took a deep breath, and the words I was chasing from one side of my brain to the other like pool balls on a table were now slow and subtle and came with a little more power.

I said each word slowly and the how of it...and I fell asleep gently.

It took 3 days to cure my insomnia.

It may not be the same for you but it IS a technique that has immense value.

As your relationship with the chakras grows, you'll find a perfect balance with each one and eventually they will expand.

Like with Math, from one's to Algebra, there's levels and the expansion WILL happen. Your energy will expand and your focus and energetic balance will Become more fine tuned.

Find your crown

Play with it all!

Blockages in the crown chakra can be varied. It can present as poor coordination or imbalance. Pain in the joints or arthritis that prevents movement and also a failure to thrive (weight gain or loss). This is not wanting to take up space when we feel so small in relationship to the cosmos so vast and wide, us a small speck on the face of the planet.

Another key to blockages is cynicism or apathy. The feelings of disconnectedness can feel so overwhelming that emotions shut down completely and a fatalistic approach is adopted. Pragmatic turns to bitter and over THINKING becomes the norm rather than operating on faith.

In contrast hyper-spiritualization or spiritual addiction can indicate the crown chakra is not fully expanded. This can be seen as vigilant religious paranoia or addiction to certain practices and dogma. This is the 99 plant medicine ceremonies creating an experience rather than doing the work. The medicine can open you, but to disastrous effect if the true shadow work is not being done competently and with adequate guidance. Mental illness is a very real and strong possibility going faster than one can physically manage at any one time. The element of transformation is powerful, yet our culture has a tendency to consume without regard and over use has as much debilitating potential as lack of attention. Grace and judicious practice are recommended.

Name: Crown Chakra

Color: Purple, Violet

Sanskrit: Sahasrara “the bridge to the cosmos” thousand petals

Position: The Crown of the head, the top of the skull

Mantra: ANG


Sound: I-My

Frequency: 768

Statement: I understand

Crystals: Clear Quartz, selenite, amethyst, lepidolite, labradorite, sugilite, Charoite, Fluorite, lapis lazuli,

Knowledge and Consciousness mentalism, belief, think superconscious

The Crown Chakra. Sahasrāra

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