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Tony Robbins?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

What is a life coach and is it for me?

First of all, let’s talk about second of all. It may not be. It is not for everyone. Coaching is not easy. It is the hardest thing you will ever do, this I promise you. Yet it will be THEEEE most rewarding and fulfilling thing you will ever do for your SELF and for the people around you.

What is a life coach?

Is it a cheerleader telling you good job or yelling when you don’t do laundry?

Is it is a pseudo therapist with an internet degree throwing new age terms around hoping one catches?

Is it a Tony Robbins seminar with some guru talking over your head?

This is funny but it is most of these things in a way.

A life coach is a practitioner with a SKILL set and EXPERIENCE with said skills and RESULTS, that show you practical, APPLICABLE skills that are useful NOW.

Yes, I’ll be your cheerleader. I will teach you to be your own best critic not worst. I am an NLP Practitioner and I DID take live intense LIVE training and I have completed over 20 years of life success courses putting these skills in ACTION.

Think of a sports coach and what they do. They take a team, a skill set and with the power of observation and experience, guide them on to the championship. Sometimes it is hard ass. Sometimes it’s repetition and pure grit and DISCIPLINE. And even others, it is rest and rehab.

What direction would you take your life if you had the help of a coach?

  • Caveat: this is not an advertisement, though I’d hope you would offer me your trust. This is my hope you go get that rewiring SOMEWHERE!

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