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Spirit Bath

Updated: Jan 16

Spirit Bath! Otherwise known as Aura Bath:

Spirit Bath or Aura bath is often used to reset the energy and calm the mind. These Spirit Baths are hand made with intentional ingredients. No two rotational batches will be the same as moon phases and seasons progress. They are intended to be used not stored or for decoration other than to honor on your altar or with your stones. These Bath bomb ingredients are layered with intuitive additives such as essential oils, flowers and herbs, Palo Santo, Himalayan Sea Salt, Florida water or holy water.

The Botanicals chosen have been Rung in Singing bowls at phases of the moon, along with the crystals embedded in the mixture. It can be layered or mixed depending.

Uses: to cleanse the Spirit before/ after ritual, set intention or prepare the body. To Release past energy, draw in new or for simple anesthetics.


1 tbs General Soak

2 tbs Aura Cleanse

3 tbs Spirit Bath for ritual work or deep releasing


Potent because these are raw ingredients.

Fresh zest can be astringent, use sparingly with orange / lemon / lime.

Avoid overuse of the floral ingredients (rose for example) these are live flora and as with raw botanicals enzymes, pollen and bacteria are present. The hotter the water The better.

It is recommended that you fill the tub with hot water and let it steep.

This gives you ample time to "set the stage" and puts your mind right. Nice and easy.

Ask yourself:

What am I releasing?

What am I creating?

What am I bringing in?

Suggested additions:




Tea lights


Water to drink

Sage / Palo Santo / intense

Singing bowls


Extra salt


Something freshly washed, soft and comfortable to wear after and fresh towels



Baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, citric acid, magnesium sulphate (epsom) Himalayan salt, roses, Oil of Jasmine, Oil of Patchouli, Cactus oil, Florida water, holy water 3 drops, full moon crystals in Heart (Anahata) Sacral ( Svadhisthana ), Root (Muladhrara), palo santo shavings. Full moon / release setting clear quartz

Sung with Love for balance and calibration in chakra singing bowls

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