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POWERFUL Words for Intention Setting

WORDS FOR INTENTION SETTING - 17 second rule....





An Intention Is "the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose."

Ever hear the expression "Well, the stars were all aligned for that one"? That's what an intention does. Sometimes without one, we stray without meaning or direction.

I describe it as just driving and driving around aimlessly, without ever having a destination in mind. With an intention, the universe's forces align to make even the most difficult thing possible. Your intentions will give you greater control of your life.


Watch your language! Did you know the word "want," really means "lack?"

So never say "I want a new job"-- but, maybe, "I choose to have a new job."

Don't use the word "should," either. It makes you sound like a victim.

"I hope," just leaves the door open for potential defeat. Better to say, "I will. WORDS

Lather, rinse, repeat... Write down your intention, say it and repeat it over and over again. According to Abraham-Hicks, 17 seconds is all it takes to set that intention.

At the precise 17-second moment, they says, the idea comes together and a specific energy is formed. ENERGY OF 8 - 1+7

Look forward, not back. Focus on what your life will look like when the goal is achieved -- and if it helps, create a vision board.

Practice gratitude. Come on. We know even the worst day has one or two bright spots. Each night write down a couple of things for which you are grateful. Gratitude is one of the best ways to create the abundance consciousness, says Deepak Chopra because you'll focus on the source of all those things that came into your life -- and they'll continue to open to you. You'll also remove the ego and get in touch with your spirit.

Be determined. =⇒> All the time, not just when you've reached your goal. "Though one may seem to have attained success for the moment, one will start to regress the instant one becomes careless and ceases making effort, beginning a slide toward defeat.

Those who are continually pressing ahead are genuinely successful," writes Buddhist spiritual leader Daisaku Ikeda.

30 Power Words: A-Z Guide

1. Power Word: Abundance

Power Phrase: Inter-align with Abundance, Living in Abundance.

Power Action: Be expansive, let go of resistances and have a reverence for life.

2. Power Word: Action

Power Phrase: Just Do It, A thousand-Mile Journey Starts with a Single Step, Inspired Action.

Power Action: Take inspired action, avoid procrastination.

3. Power Word: Authenticity

Power Phrase: Authentic Expression, Be Who I am, Use My Voice.

Power Action: Connect to the truth of who I am.

4: Power Word: Balance

Power Phrase: Balance is Key to Wellness; Yin and Yang.

Power Action: Make time for priorities in life, restore inner and outer balance, study feng shui elements, go for yoga.

5. Power Word: Be

Power Phrase: Just Be.

Power Action: Focus more about being than doing, practice patience, just breathe.

6. Power Word: Clarity

Power Phrase: Insight, Be Awake, See Clearly.

Power Action: See big picture, avoid getting too caught up in the content of the story, practice insight meditation, wisdom from insight.

7. Power Word: Courage

Power Phrase: Live My Dreams, Fly.

Power Action: Take risks, be bold, go on adventures, master courage to do things differently.

8. Power Word: Creativity

Power Phrase: Creative Ideas on Tap, Creative Artist.

Power Action: Engage imagination, play and possibility.

9. Power Word: Dream

Power Phrase: Dare to Dream, I Dreamed a Dream, Dream Big, Dreams take Flight!

Power Action: Open myself to possibilities, engage in imagination.

10. Power Word: Equanimity

Power Phrase: Equanimity, Quality of Equanimity, Non-Attachment.

Power Action: Practice equanimity i.e. calm, centered, balanced and mindful awareness of the impermanence of things, sensations and experiences.

11. Power Word: Freedom

Power Phrase: Freedom from Fear, Financial Freedom, Freedom to Live.

Power Action: Let go of resistances, free to make choices.

12. Power Word: Gratitude

Power Phrase: Gratitude is Gold, Gratitude Rocks, Gratitude Now.

Power Action: Practice gratitude, count my blessings and share my gifts.

13. Power Word: Harmony / Peace / Serenity

Power Phrase: Let my Breath be my Guide; Love the Moment, Peace of Mind.

Power Action: Make peace with every moment, learn qi gong.

14. Power Word: Health

Power Phrase: Health is Wealth

Power Action: Practice mindful eating, make healthy food choices, exercise, stay healthy mentally.

15. Power Word: Intuition

Power Phrase: Intuitive Awareness, Intuitive Intelligence.

Power Action: Awaken and develop intuitive abilities.

16. Power Word: Joy

Power Phrase: Enjoy the Journey, Live it Up, Celebrate, Live Now, Happiness is Key to Success.

Power Action: Choose to be happy whatever the situation is, be light hearted, celebrate every small thing!

17. Power Word: Laughter

Power Phrase: Lightness of Being, Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Power Action: Look at the humor in each situation, avoid taking things too seriously, have fun.

18. Power Word: Love

Power Phrase: Love Thyself; Love is All Around.

Power Action: Practice unconditional self love and love for others.

19. Power Word: Money / Prosperity / Wealth

Power Phrase: I am a Money Magnet, Multiple Streams of Income, Financial Freedom

Power Action: Shatter limiting money beliefs, adopt prosperity consciousness, worry less but keep vibrations up.

20. Power Word: Oneness

Power Phrase: We are One.

Power Action: Let go of separation.

21. Power Word: Possibility

Power Phrase: Open to Possibility, Dwell in Possibility.

Power Action: Open to receiving, practice non-judgment, try new experiences.

22. Power Word: Power

Power Phrase: Step Into Power, Awaken My Potential.

Power Action: Let go of fears, step up, take charge.

23. Power Word: Presence / Mindfulness

Power Phrase: Live in the Now.

Power Action: Practice mindful awareness, give quality attention to the moment, meditate.

24. Power Word: Responsibility

Power Phrase: Live Deliberately, Take Charge, Power To Change.

Power Action: Commit to inner change, less blame of others, conscious living.

25. Power Word: Share

Power Phrase: Spread Love, Share my Divine Light.

Power Action: Practice loving kindness, lend a helping hand, share my gifts.

26. Power Word: Success

Power Phrase: I am a Winner, Success is Constancy to Purpose.

Power Action: Think success, dream big.

27. Power Word: Smile

Power Phrase: Window to My Soul, Language of Love.

Power Action: Smile to strangers, neighbors, etc.

28. Power Word: Space

Power Phrase: Make Space.

Power Actions: Clear the clutter, switch off TV, meditate.

29. Power Word: Spirituality

Power Phrase: Connect with God/Source/Guides, “I am a Spirit with a Human Experience”.

Power Action: Adopt good values, live consciously, mindful of ego, take wise actions, reverence for life, etc.

30. Power Word: Wellness

Power Phrase: Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony, Self Nurture.

Power Action: Make time for relaxation, de-stress, release negative emotions, let go of old baggage.


(I will site the source when I fine it LOL - this is plagiarized

! FYI)

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