Meditation for the Modern Mystick

Meditation For the Modern Mystick

Meditation! The keystone to any spiritual practice.

I had always been told that meditation was important and that through meditation many benefits could be had. I tried many guided meditation videos and listened to recordings over the years and it was quickly evident that I didn’t know what I was doing. Every time I tried to follow along I would get lost. I felt like the one person out of pace in a zumba class. Everyone seemed to know what was going on but me.

Over the years I kept at it and here are some of the pearls I came up with over time. I am a big proponent of myth busting and using science to support the spiritual. Let’s talk about technique, because each of us has a different goal for meditation.

Let’s start with Muscle Memory: memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition, which has been used synonymously with motor learning. This evolves over time into simpler and simpler steps that streamline the process over time and repetition. This process decreases the need focused attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. Muscle Memory can be recalled for up to 15 years. If you’re my age, some things like riding a a bike come to mind. Think of writing your name, driving your car or riding a bike. If it’s been awhile, You don’t think of all the moving parts to the task or you fail at it. It may take a period of reacclimation but the action comes back almost immediately.

The first task to meditation is to create muscle memory out of the activity. At first this may look like doing your meditation at the same time and the same place. Set up a space for meditation. You can set up an entire zen room with all the paraphernalia (seats, mats, rugs, singing bowls, etc) or it can be as simple as your favorite recliner. Set visual reminders nearby to make it sacred space. I use the same incense every time I meditate and only one scent for that purpose. It gives the brain something to follow. Sage, Palo Santo, essential oils or incense are all helpful.

Establishing a habit the first few days to reinforce this muscle memory rewrite is imperative. Commit to A minimum of 3 days in a row, working toward 7. Twenty one days to a habit!! Make every attempt to relax in your space even for a few minutes a day regardless if you get to officially meditate. The act of seeing the space reinforces this work!

The reward to this later in your practice is you can pull up this space in your minds eye and draw on the peaceful energy in any stressful situation. Whoosaaah!

The purpose of meditation is to reprogram the BRAIN. It is our MACHINE and if you are doing the shadow work, you will find a tug of war with negative self talk or notice that your thoughts aren’t often what you would wish them to be. Meditation is one way to evaluate the state of your being by tracking your thought processes and rewrite them.

The brain talks to our body through the spinal column. The spinal column and all it’s nerves branch out to the rest of the body and feeds the brain through a hole at the base of the skull called the foramen magnum. Hyperextending or hyperflexing the head pinches these nerves and is essentially disconnecting you, not just from the rest of your body, but from experience itself. Hence, tilting your head down toward your phone for example disconnects you from conversation just as rolling your eyes upward to disconnect from a BS conversation.

This is why it is essential to stack your spine. It is not necessary for it to be ramrod straight, but if you think of your spine being the core to your meridians and chakras, thnk also “alignment”. This is where stools, cushions and seats can be valuable. Mindfulness is key. Do not be ashamed to lay down if that is easiest for you, just keep in mind, same place, same time. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Mudras. Mudras are hand positioning and symbolic gestures that enhance thought processes and energy flow. Think of the energy flow within the body through the spine. The nerves do not stop there. Open body positioning, Mudras and even crossed arms and legs to promote connection with the SUPER conscious for reprogramming can be helpful (think shadow work and reframing an event). There are dozens of different kinds, I’d recommend studying them later. There are 24 asamyuta (seperated) and 13 samyuta (joined) hand mudras in Buddhism for example. Each are for a different energy focus and response. You can study these later and incorporate them into your practice as you get more affluent or research the ONE that could be most helpful. Health for example or third eye.

Ohm and Mantras are words or sounds uttered in meditation to enhance concentration and focus. The Ohm or “aum” is known as the unifying and most primal sound. Fun fact: When chanted, OM vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz — the same vibrational frequency found in all things throughout nature, also known as the “Verdis A”.

“A”, “U”, “M” reference past, present and future and is commonly done in threes, is the opening and ending sound for meditation. The number 108 is related to spiritual completion and you will see Mala beads for meditation. According to Ayurveda, we have 108 marma points (vital points of life forces) in our body. So, this is why all mantras are chanted 108 times because each chant represents a journey from our material self towards our highest spiritual self. Each chant is believed to bring you 1 unit closer to our god within.

The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool). Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind,” and was designed to help practitioners access a higher power and their true natures. A mantra can be any affirmation of the I am! “I am capable!”

The next skillset is Box Breathing. If any of you have ever taken a yoga class, even one, you know the focus is on ACTIVE breathing, often counterintuitive to what you might think for the movement. Box breathing for meditation is similar. Box breathing or “square” breathing is the idea that the inhalation and exhalation are equal to the pauses between. The length of time in the pauses between the breaths is the critical key to finding a floaty space in meditation. The key is to hyper oxygenate, even move the body fluidly a few times before settling in to a seated stacked spine and breathe in and hold the breath for a count of four. Doing tis a few times before settling in prevents air hunger or feeling as if you are rushing the breath. Focus not on the bellows but on the gaps. “Mind the gap!” This has been the single most valuable technique to achieving the relaxation that is the hallmark of good meditation.

Meditation in Movement. Yoga, running, painting, and any labor task, even dancing, can be just as meditative as sitting still. Don’t hem yourself in to the belief that it must be done sitting stone still. Add some mental intention to daily activities and make them intentional. House cleaning for me can be like this as I recite what I am grateful for or want to focus on.

Now that we have technique briefly discussed, let’s talk about a few of the benefits. Most clients complain that they fall asleep or doze off during their first attempts. My question is this. What was your sleep quality BEFORE you began? If you are falling asleep then thank yourself for shutting those runaway thoughts down so you CAN sleep better. There is no right or wrong and it is all evolutionary anyway.

Proprioception is the first noticeable benefit. Awareness of the body. You may find in the beginning that all you do is notice your body’s needs. This is Good! You may not have been listening closely enough. Listen now.

Others include:


Sleep improvements

Conscious Tracking of the Subconscious Mind

Visualizing Sacred geometry, the Eye of horus, Akashic Records (DNA Strands) and more. Receiving your claires.

It is important to remember that Visualizing and activation of the third eye is a non mechanical process. You “see” with your eye through the translation of measurements of light and color through the brain. Receiving information through the third eye is a passive process and since it is located above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead, when you see visions or objects in 3D you will have a tendency to want to lift the head, just slightly above the normal visual horizon. Try to resist tilting your head upward as this immediately disconnects the spinal cord and you will lose the vision.

It is very exciting to finally have results like this, however, try not to dissect the information and allow it to come through in its entirety. Therein lies the surrender.

If you continue long enough some advanced benefits to meditation mastery are the following:

Chakra Balancing

Seeing Auras

Astral Travel


Past Life Regression

Attainment of Claires (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, etc)

Seeing Angels or Diety


“The future of Medicine is Frequency

1 Crown Chakra - VIOLET - mentalilsm, belief, think superconscious

2 Third eye - INDIGO - correspondency, intuition, downloads, recievingm essages, the subconscious

3 Throat Chakra - BLUE - vibration, speaking, communicating

4 Heart Chakra -GREEN - rhythm, harmony

5 Solar Plexus - YELLOW - consequence, cause/effect, responsible

6 Sacral Chakra - ORANGE

7 Root Chakra - RED -