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"For with meditation comes an awareness that cannot be expressed but can only be appreciated."

That's the thing about meditation. It's to be experienced and impossible to articulate.

Meditation is the answer to so many questions yet It's such a profound and magical journey. I wish there was a definition that works better! But just like the words Yoga or Math, there's so much more to "meditation" than one word can express.

We live in a society that has trained us to do everything BUT meditate. There are no quiet moments. Almost none. Music, TV, phones, tablets, video games, computers....we occupy our minds with so much static noise that it's no wonder anxiety runs rampant.

We sit in front of the TV and watch fear, drama, death and impossible scenarios, RIGHT BEFORE BED!! It's no wonder we can't sleep! We play video games that are all about aggression. We argue online...all. day. LONG. We watch shows where people are absolute SHITS to one another and call it entertainment.

I am not here to make a list, we'd be here all day. There's nothing wrong with all of these things. We need a little something from time to time to take us out of the game for a minute for one reason or another however the magic is in the present moment.

Interconnectedness is the food that feeds the soul. So many things keep us DISconnected.

We already have so many moments taken away from us just in time. Just in flow.

How often are we taking back that time in conscious effort? If you could CHOOSE a concept to shift or change, how would you reprogram your self? In what way would you reframe?

Switching energy from distraction to focus isn't as hard as you think. Just find something to replace it with that's healthy.

Meditation is a fabulous solution but so also is any other thing that puts your mind in a meditative state.

Riding my GSXR used to do it but now I've found painting, candle making, yoga, meditation, and singing/ dancing (snapchat yall I'm ridiculous) all help keep that chaos at bay and have richer rewards. It doesn't have to be an activity or craft, however. I take the instant I'm in and choose the energy I consciously wish to create. Hence I can used doing the dishes or shower time and think of "washing things away". It's all about INTENTION, ritual and that present moment. If you have to shower or bathe ANYWAY...might as well make it an aura bath or salt scrub!! Take back control of these moments!

I like to be in control of what goes in my brain and after seeing how profound a difference chanting Affirmations had on my insomnia I am literally excited to try any and everything.

I guess I'm hyper focused on these things getting back to my routine after recovering. I had to get creative and break a few habits. I encourage you to begin!! Even if it's cleansing breaths. Remember the Root Chakra IS the physical body, this is where we "ground" ourselves in the breath. Just simply find your yourself in the present moment and begin...just begin.

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