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Anja, The Third eye

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Third eye - INDIGO - correspondency, intuition, downloads, receiving messages, the subconscious


The third eye.

It's color is Indigo (my FAVORITE) color. I remember seeking it in nature. I'd wait til ALMOST dawn on my night shifts and watch the sky change right before the sun presented itself I'd watch. A blue so dark it's purple. The color of Ether, spirit. The in between space.

This chakra has to do with the mind. Our mind is how we navigate our Matrix. It is also the place of self expression, intuition, Vision (of BOTH kinds) and perception. focus and concentration, wisdom, clarity, clairvoyance, discernment, and spiritual perception

"Eyes are the window to the soul" is the third eye.

Our Pineal gland is said to be the "organ" inside our brain that is responsible for psychic perception.

A few years ago now (old age has me saying "last year " like it was yesterday kind of like holy shit I'm 51 but feel like I just turned 40 last week...) I got super sick whenever I'd eat meat so I quit it entirely and went Pescatarian...there's an urban legend says to decalcify the third eye you eat a cleaner diet. I never put it to the test but I did reverse think it a bit.

At the time where meat was bothering me I had taken my psychic business full time.

Perhaps I was eating foods that were not sufficient and my body needed a cleanse.

I lost a good 50 plus pounds, slept better and my anxiety disappeared.

Whether this is due to the Yoga practice, the diet or the spiritual practice in increase I'll never know, but the combination has changed my life.

My visions are clearer and more concise (I Google what I see and sure as shit there it is to be found).

One thing I would like to note about third eye activation that I found pivotal is the sense of RECEIVING information rather than "focusing" on what you are seeing. If you get messages, visions (Clairvoyance) or a knowing (Clairsentience or Claircognizance) during meditation, do not try to "think" the problem through as you'll lose the connection.

Thinking is an ACTIVE process where third eye is more receiving information.

Think about the muscles in your eye...they are a tool of measurement.

Distance, light, color.

We analyze what we see and make a Correlation between what is known. A mathematical equation so to speak. A mechanical process.

The third eye operates like a transmitter or a receiver. Working with the third eye is an ATUNEMENT.

In the beginning, you will receive images or messages and our innate tendency will be to lift the head and tilt our eyes to "see" better. But when we do this, our spine aligned in a meditation pose then becomes disconnected. Avoid movement of the spine and sit still to receive.

Expect to see the Eye of Horus or similar structures. These are keys.

In blockages common symptoms would be inability to concentrate and process information. This can also present itself as flighty and inconsistent. Our thoughts cannot follow a linear discussion and we get lost and overwhelmed with information. Funny enough this one can come about through OVER active third eye as well.

Data moves too fast for us to keep up with and we find it hard to keep cool under pressure. We feel a lack of control and we feel adrift. We want to control and fight or flight kicks in and we fear surrender.

When the third eye is calcified, we feel alone, adrift from tribe, untethered and disconnected. Loneliness and separation anxiety amplify fear and there is a panic for the future that takes seed.

A limited third eye use leaves us Feeling disconnected from nature and it’s rhythms, or finding no joy in it.

Having a judgemental mindset is also an indicator. There is a comparative analysis and a checks and balances rather than acceptance. This gives rise to jealousy, resentment and hopelessness.

Insomnia and sleep imbalances can occur and also an Underactive imagination. We lose our ability to dream and fantasize. You won’t remember your dream state or have a hard time visualizing or dream building. We feel we cannot “see” a positive future, Fear resides here. Afraid to dream because life has let us down so many times before.

Like I said earlier, a diet that is composed of majorly high processed foods can compound this issue. It is even said that various chemicals affect the third eye to include Sugar, substance abuse, chemical supplements, heavy metals and fluoride, etc. (This is not a discussion of the use of substances and plant medicine, but an awareness of over use and abuse of some substances can compound this issue).

Name: Third Eye

Color: Indigo

Sanskrit: Ajna - perceive, command, wisdom

Position: Middle of the forehead above the eyebrow, centered

Mantra: AUM

Note: F

Sound: Ah-Mah

Frequency: 720


Statement: I see

Crystals: Sapphire,Amethyst, lapis lazuli, celestite, angelite, labradorite, fluorite, sodalite, deode, clear quartz, lumerian,

6 Third eye - INDIGO - correspondency, intuition, downloads, receiving messages, the subconscious

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